Adam Lee

Adam Lee


Over the past 20+ years, Pinot Noir specialist Adam Lee has attained a cult-like following for his Siduri Wines, and a reputation as on of California's top winemakers.

Raised a Souther Baptist in Austin, Texas, Adam's love affair with wine did not begin until after he graduated with a degree in history from Trinity University. Given the huge market for history majors, Adam took a job as a wine clerk with Austin Wine & Spirits - which happened to be the epicenter of Austin’s wine scene and sponsor of the local Les Amis du Vin chapter. His eyes and palate were opened to the great wines of the world, including his favorite Burgundies and California Pinot Noirs. With a thirst for knowledge equal to his passion, Adam eventual worked his way up to President of Austin Wine & Spirits before taking what would prove to be a life-altering position as wine buyer for Neiman Marcus in Dallas.

While at Neiman Marcus, Adam met fellow Texan and wine geek Dianna Novy. The two bonded over their shared love of Pinot Noir and eventually decided to pool their resources (which worked out well for Adam, as he had the shallow end of that pool) and move together to California to pursue their dream of becoming winemakers.

Adam purchased their first Pino Noir grapes from Anderson Valley’s Rose Vineyard, as he has all grapes since - by the acre rather than the tone - giving him all important control over the farming and yields. It was a critical first step in establishing the quality for which Siduri would become known.

Adam’s constant pursuit of Pinot perfection has led to long-standing relationships with top growers in premier appellations from Santa Barbara north to Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Today, Adam produces upwards of two dozen single-vineyard Siduri Pinot Noirs at his popular urban winery in Santa Rosa, CA, working with his small team to coax the most expressive wines by vinifying each lot separately by block and clone.

A respected winemaker, consultant and wine writer, with an active social media presence and a reputation for innovative, out of the box thinking, Adam is regularly invited to participate in expert panel discussions and presentations at major international wine events.

Adam lives in Sonoma County with wife Dianna and their three children Christian, Amber and Truett.