Andy Myers

Will Costello


Andy Myers has been in restaurants for all but 14 of his years; apparently he's hooked. He found his love of wine when working at the Inn at Little Washington and never looked back. He did a decade-long stint as Sommelier at CityZen with Chef Eric Zeibold before moving on to become the Beverage Director for Jose Andres' ThinkFoodGroup.

He is covered in tattoos, practices yoga, drinks all the Fernet Branca, listens to Slayer like it's his job and spends all of his extra cash scuba diving any and everywhere he can. He doesn't like it when you mispronounce his title and call him a “Somalia,” but finds it funny when you call him a “Smelly-Air.” He's a freak for German Riesling, but he will drink great Burgundy if you let him. Oh yeah, he passed the Master Sommelier exam in May of 2014. If asked, he would tell you that the experience was awesome.