Jaime Mateo

Jaime Mateo


Jaime Mateo has always had the vision of owning his own mezcal brand. After graduating from the University in Mexico with a BA, Jaime decided to instead pursue his family's trade of mezcal distillation and his dream of creating mezcal.

He moved from Oaxaca to Los Angeles to join his brother Javier Mateo, who also shared his dream about mezcal, and the duo embarked on a journey of distilling the perfect Oaxacan spirit.

The pair spent days and nights talking strategy and figuring out how to start their new business: Mezcal Los Javis. It took some time but Jaime & Javier learned to navigate a new system and once they did, they were ready to sell their mezcal.

They started knocking on doors, creating business relationships and sharing their mezcal with non-believers, aficionados and connoisseurs. Those relationships slowly turned into friendships with the buyers, sellers and supporters of Mezcal Los Javis and now Jaime's mezcal has been in the market for 7 years.