Jeff Josenhans

Jeff Josenhans


Shaken, stirred, muddled, mixed, fermented and aged. Jeff Josenhans’ cocktail creations, speed, knowledge, and showmanship are far beyond the average bartender. Coupled with his charm and approachable personality, it’s no wonder he has quickly become a vital presence in the cocktail scene. As Mixologist, Certified Cicerone, Certified Sommelier and Director of Banquets, Restaurants and Bars for THE US GRANT and The Grant Grill, Josenhans has elevated The Grant Grill lounge, specifically bringing it to the forefront of the craft-cocktail culture, not only in San Diego but the world. Josenhans’ “triple threat” title makes him the only person in San Diego who is a Sommelier, Cicerone and a top-rated mixologist at The Grant Grill, and places Josenhans in a notable position nationwide.

Much of Josenhans influence and training comes from his experiences overseas, where he traveled to more than 45 countries and participated in unique and varied working environments. A respected wine connoisseur and Level 2 CMS Sommelier, Josenhans has created his own philosophy for a balanced yet progressive approach to creating the hotel wine list, culinary-inspired cocktails, both traditional and modern beer programs, and continues to explore industry-leading innovations for his mixology program.

In his seven years at The Grant Grill, Josenhans has changed the dynamic from a classic institution to an exciting lounge with an extraordinary beverage program. Known formerly as an old boys hangout and housed in the iconic US GRANT Hotel, The Grant Grill has been revitalized to become one of Downtown San Diego’s most thriving lounges.

Josenhans’ is a regular contributor to both the U-T San Diego daily newspaper (“Cocktail Designer Superdiner”) and San Diego Downtown News (“The Drink Shrink”). He is also the winner of multiple competitions, including the 2012 California Hotel & Lodging Awards “Manager of the Year”, two-time champion of the San Diego Chef Showdown for Mixology and winner of the “Best Garnish” at the 2011 Nightclub and Bar Shake It Up cocktail competition.

  • Title: Certified Sommelier / Certified Cicerone / Master Mixologist, The US Grant
  • Location: San Diego, CA