Rob Dietrich

Rob Dietrich


Rob Dietrich is Master Distiller at Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, one of the state’s first whiskeys since Prohibition and a whiskey created by distilling legend Jess Graber. Dietrich is responsible for every aspect of the 100 percent Rocky Mountain Single Malt “grain-to-bottle” production and is committed to maintaining Graber’s original recipe, artisanal methods and his handcrafted approach to distillation.

Dietrich oversees sourcing Rocky Mountain malted barley, fermenting and distilling the mash, managing the barrel aging process and blending and cutting the spirit to proof with Rocky Mountain water to make a distinct single malt whiskey unlike anything east or west of The Rockies. As Master Distiller of the largest and one of the first American Single Malts, Dietrich is spearheading the movement to promote and raise awareness for the evolving American Single Malt category, one previously gone unrecognized in the whiskey space. This year marks Dietrich’s 10th anniversary of proudly distilling Stranahan’s in our downtown Denver, Colorado home.

Dietrich learned the art and science of distillation from Graber, whom he calls his mentor. Graber originally was a local volunteer firefighter who happened to have a moonshining hobby. He responded to a call by George Stranahan, founder of Flying Dog Brewery, that his barn was ablaze. After the fire was extinguished, the two got to talking and learned that they shared a love of the outdoors and whiskey. Graber started experimenting with distilling whiskey mashes made by Flying Dog. All the ideas came together, and in 2002, Graber founded Stranahan’s and perfected his American Single Malt whiskey.

Previously, Dietrich spent 10 years in the music business with Bill Graham Presents and as a freelance agent for venues like Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre and The Fillmore in San Francisco. Dietrich is a veteran of the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division and served from 1992 to 1995. His two combat tours in Somalia and relief operations in Haiti shaped his life-affirming philosophy.

A native of Montrose, Colorado, where Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey sources some of its grain, Dietrich enjoys rebuilding vintage cars, motorcycles and trucks, including a 1937 Dodge used at the Stranahan’s distillery. He also has a passion for long distance motorcycle trips across the U.S., Argentina, Chile, Thailand and Baja, Mexico, as well as hunting, camping and hiking.

  • Title: Master Distiller, Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey