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Failure: The “F Word” No One Talks About

Lisa Redwine, Advanced Sommelier Just recently, I had the honor of sitting for the Court of Master Theory exam in San Francisco. Some might say it did not go well…. truth be told… I failed. Well; I didn’t pass. In my eyes those are two different situations. With the evolution and the availability of wine certifications available to wine professionals, the opportunity to take an exam is plentiful. I often hear the concerns about taking the exam and the possibility of not passing from WSET, CMS, and a plethora of others. I cannot speak to anyone else’s experience, only my own, and my thoughts about failing this exam that I hope to convey. It had been FOUR years since I had seriously studied, and in my personal life, I was handling an incredibly difficult situation that truly was all consuming; financially, intellectually and emotionally. At the beginning of my study path for...

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