Unraveling the Mysteries of Indigenous Italian Grape Varieties

Extraordinary Tuscan Experience

Event Info:

  • Friday, November 18
  • 10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
  • All Knowledge Levels
  • Trade Only

Session Description

Native Italian grape varieties seem to be a constant fascination for professionals and consumers alike. With a count that varies drastically based on who you ask—the Italian National Registry lists 511—experts believe that there are more “undiscovered” native varieties scattered around in old forgotten Italian vineyards. When we consider that in France and the United States, between 80-90% of the wines are made with something like 15 varieties, Italy can seem mind-boggling. Through a tasting of specially grouped Italian grape varieties, this session will bring the topic into focus—how are Verdicchio and Trebbiano di Soave related? Are Greco and Greco bianco the same? Why don’t all Vermentino wines taste the same? We'll explore these interrelationships, or lack thereof.

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Geralyn Brostrom
Geralyn Brostrom
Italian Wine Central | Certified Wine Educator | Italian Wine Professional