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How to Revive a Failing Wine Placement

Will Costello, Master Sommelier What is the best practice when a “sure thing” turns out to be a “disappointment” on your wine list or by the glass? That amazing Côt you knew would succeed as the perfect Malbec replacement. The Malagousia that works perfectly with the crudo Chef just prepared is being poured down the drain more than in glasses. The small grower-producer champagne you curated is left deflated. How can you revive an obviously amazing wine choice which is being overlooked by all of your guests? When I am stuck in this situation, I always do my best to recognize the problem from its roots and find a meaningful solution; one which will see an amazing wine shine on your list and end in a profit and not an upset. On initial thought, training may be a great way to solve the conundrum of a slower moving product. Pour a bit at...

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