January / February 2024 (Digital Edition) – The Tasting Panel

Tasting Room Spotlight featuring Lisa Redwine General Manager of Burtech Family Vineyard.
The Tasting Panel went behind the scenes with the country’s top managers, owners and operators of tasting rooms and the brands behind them. Learn what it takes to create experiences for discerning wine consumers and, as sommeliers, what you should know when these wines find their way on your lists.
Here, we sat down with Lisa Redwine an advanced sommelier, former General Manager of Market Restaurant in Del Mar and the new GM for Burtech Family Vineyard in San Diego County.
Lisa Redwine
Lisa Redwine, Burtech Family Vineyard General Manager

What challenges have you faced in implementing and maintaining technology solutions in The Tasting Room? 


One of our primary hurdles is the unique nature of Burtech Family Vineyard, blending the sales dynamics of a winery with a restaurant component.  Offering a diverse range of services including membership, membership benefits, wine by the glass and bottle service makes finding a versatile POS system challenging. Coordinating these diverse elements within a unified system has proven to be a significant challenge.  


How do you train your staff to provide excellent customer service and product knowledge?


Daily tastings and discussions form the backbone of our staff training regimen. We delve into the origins of the varietals, winemaking processes and ideal food and wine pairings. Offering three distinct flight opportunities allows us to discuss a broader selection of wines in depth, keeping both our staff and guests engaged. Our commitment to education extends to weekly tastings, where we explore specific themes, enhancing the staff’s ability to guide the guests in selecting wines that suit their tastes.


How do you ensure a positive and memorable experience for visitors in The Tasting Room?


Burtech Family Vineyard being a family-owned business, emphasizes a personal touch. From remembering members’ preferences to commemorating special occasions, we strive to create a welcoming atmosphere. Our dog friendly approach adds a unique touch, as we delight in treating our four-legged guests. These small gestures contribute to a memorable experience, ensuring that every visit to the Tasting Room is a celebration of our shared passion for wine. 


How do you decide on the selection of wines offered in The Tasting Room? 


Our wine selection reflects our winemaking journey, sourcing grapes from both Northern California and our Estate Vineyard in Encinitas. Considering family preferences and favorites, such as Dominic’s passion for Merlot, Julie’s love of Chardonnay, and Maile’s affinity for Rosé, guides our offerings. We select grapes from the finest vineyards in Sonoma and Napa, ensuring a diverse and exceptional selection. Our flight selections are curated to provide a varied and enjoyable experience for our members and guests.


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Burtech Family Vineyards
Julie Burtech, Dominic Burtech, Maile Burtech and Olivia Macdonald in the Burtech tasting room