Averiel McKenzie

Averiel McKenzie

Executive Director

The Veraison Project

Averiel McKenzie is a highly experienced professional in the wine and spirits industry, with over a decade of expertise. He has worked with various account types, including chains, fine wine independents, and liquor independents, and monitoring market conditions has given him a wealth of expertise and insights that are unmatched.

Currently, Averiel serves as the Director of Diversity Recruiting and is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity in the industry. His recruitment strategies, mentorship, and retention efforts have been crucial in creating a more inclusive environment that truly reflects the spirit of the wine industry.

As the Executive Director of The Veraison Project, Averiel has pioneered the creation of the Bridge Program, aimed at removing financial barriers that often prevent individuals from joining the wine industry. His unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and education continues to inspire and drive positive change within the sector.