Christy Serrato

I am a “heel-strapped” WOC founder who operates at the nexus of food and beverage technology and consumer experiences. My heart is in entrepreneurship, as I view it as the vehicle to make a meaningful impact on society. With PairAnything, I get to empower a $6.4T global industry to better serve everyday consumers.

I started PairAnything because I want to elevate food enjoyment for everyone. I had a thought, why not enjoy Filipino food — really any dish from any cuisine — with the right beverage pairing? Now, I get to bridge businesses to more customers with connected, curated experiences that help them sell across cultures and generations.

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Prior to food and beverage, I led product, sales and marketing for global FinTech, cybersecurity and enterprise software companies. I have been recognized for tech product innovations and hold an international patent in Identity Assurance.

Beyond, I forge a path for new majority founders and advocate for inclusive prosperity through innovation and entrepreneurship. I co-organize a women leadership collective and invests in underestimated founders. I am a proud Entrepinay, FourthWave Entrepreneur-in-Residence, IJC Davis Aggie Innovator and Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy founding fellow.