Pablo Aguilar

Pablo is committed to promote and foster excellence and celebrates those who pursue it. For​ the past 25 years he has been working in different facets in hospitality from working as coffee​ waiter to leading teams at different levels and capacities. He has chosen to make wine service​ his life’s work.​

Pablo didn’t grow up in a wine environment, except for special family occasions. He says my​ first conscious thought about wine was when I was 18 years old while walking a busy street in​ his native Quito when I noticed a couple of tourists sitting on a table “sharing a bottle of wine”,​ then later his curiosity grew when he watched and then learnt about wine while working for​ the best chefs in New York City. All this ignited a question within his heart: why people share​ wine? He realized that humans share many beverages at the table but not as ceremonially as​ “wine” he realized that wine is the king of beverages, and the vine is the queen of roots.​ He graduated from Fast Trac at Columbia University with a diploma in project development and​ business planning. Born in Quito, Ecuador. He lived, worked and studied in London and today he​ is currently established in New York and Tulsa, OK.​

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Because of his love for gastronomy and fine service, Pablo studied at the French Culinary​ Institute and the International Wine Center. From Pablo’s experience in the hospitality field, he​ has made it his duty to make service, dining and wine “eating’ an exquisite experience.​ Pablo has worked with culinary masters such as Chef David Bouley, Chef Alain Ducasse and​ Costas Spiliadis.​

Pablo worked at the James Beard Foundation as the Scholarship Coordinator and editorial​ Assistant for the magazine. He also worked as a Sommelier at Chef’s Craig Shelton’s Relais​ Chateau Ryland Inn awarded as the best restaurant and wine list in New Jersey by the New York​ Times and Wine Spectator. He currently works as the Head Sommelier at Lowood Restaurant in​ Tulsa, OK.​

He teaches that wine is food, and that wine must be eaten and not drunk. He believes in excellence in service, and He teaches his guests how to eat wine, a whole refreshing new wine experience and relationship with wine.