Sarina Garibovic

Sarina Garibović started her career and felt her first spark of passion for wine in a natural wine bar in Tempe, AZ. Since relocating to Minneapolis in 2011, she has dedicated herself to various facets of the beverage industry, teaching wine classes to professionals and consumers alike and developing wine education curricula for numerous Twin Cities restaurants.

Driven by a belief in democratizing wine, Sarina launched Ženska Glava, initially a virtual platform for beverage education that has grown into a beverage and hospitality consulting agency. Through Ženska Glava, Sarina develops and enhances compelling and profitable beverage programs, bringing innovation and longevity to her clients businesses. Sarina serves as the Board Chair for Twin Cities Somms, a nonprofit organization she co-founded in 2020. In this role, she fosters collaboration and provides resources to a growing community.