Vanessa Rason

Vanessa Rason


Vanessa Rason is a first-generation California native, and sommelier based in Napa.

Vanessa decided to study wine after discovering her former boss’ weekly bottle of Cabernet was priced higher than her weekly salary and she absolutely loves her new job!

Vanessa’s passion for language aligned in wine, where obtaining a sommelier certificate requires one to translate logical terms from various languages, such as the German “Trockenbeerenauslese” which means “dry berry selection”, and will, of course be a very sweet wine, while making sense of the English term “dry wine”, a wine that is not sweet at all. Vanessa loves pronouncing wine regions like Niederrösterich (an Austrian wine region) when discussing the various regions that produce her favorite grape variety (Hint: It’s also grown in Germany, Alsace, and Washington State).

Vanessa enjoys dancing, traveling to her second home in Paris, and cold plunging in the shores of her hometown, Santa Barbara.

Vanessa Rason is a member of the SommCon Advisory Board