Adam Verona

Adam Verona

Global Export Sales Director

Adam Verona manages global sales and represents the family in all export markets. He attends the most important industry events and maintains partnerships with importers and many long-term customers. He has dual offices in the US, and at the winery in Piedmont, Italy. He works closely with Michele’s sons, Alberto (sales and marketing) and Stefano (winemaking and technical aspects).

Adam has had a passion for wine and food for as long as he can remember. He began his wine studies in his early twenties that included a stage at a Tuscan winery, gaining hands on experience in every phase of wine production. Adam’s Italian heritage played a large role in making Italian wines his focus.

After six years of representing Chiarlo wines in the US wholesale market, Adam recognized the strength of the Michele Chiarlo brand and the tremendous history behind it. He became the North American Brand Ambassador and travelled the US and Canadian markets extensively. His wealth of experience in the wine business is accelerating the growth of the winery into new markets.

Adam lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and two sons.

Adam Verona is a featured speaker at SommCon Atlanta